United State. Democrats elect first African American leader to the House of Representatives.

Hakeem Jeffries will succeed Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Hakeem Jeffries will succeed Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives.


Democrats in the US House of Representatives unanimously elected Hakeem Jeffries as their leader. CNN reports. He is the first African American to take on the role. Jeffries, 52, a congressman from New York, replaced Nancy Pelosi.

It’s a historic turning point for the Donkey Party which, with Jefferies’ election, ushered in a profound generational change in hopes of regaining control of the chamber in 2024.

A former lawyer with a passion for rap and hip-hop, he usually quotes his verses during his rallies, is a progressive exponent but has good relations with the business community, particularly with Wall Street.

Born in Brooklyn, Jeffries entered Congress in 2013 and was instantly distinguished by his blunt style that wasn’t reckless. A charismatic politician who “knows how to wait for the right moment,” as the civil rights leader put it Al Sharpton Who knew him as a young deputy twenty years ago.

He always thought of being destined for great things but without haste. I met many ambitious people, willing to do anything to get there. “Hakim is not one of them,” said the priest.

Unanimously elected

He was unanimously elected leader of the House of Representatives without challengers, but on the far left of the party there are those who consider him too moderate and close to big business and Wall Street. Perhaps the secret to Jeffreys’ political rise lies in his ability to navigate between the more liberal and establishment currents.

In an interview with The Atlantic last year, he described himself as a “progressive black democrat who is interested in racial, economic and social injustice and will never acquiesce in far-left socialism.”

When he announced his candidacy for the House Democratic leadership, he promised a greater commitment to fighting inflation, fighting for reproductive rights, and defending democracy.

He also insisted on the importance of “welcoming new Americans, promoting equality for all before the law, and improving the safety of cities across the United States.”

Married to Kenisandra, two sons, the new leader of the Democrats is a member of Generation X who bears the scepter held for nearly twenty years by the “Honorary Speaker,” and will be joined by Young Numbers Two and Three on an equal footing. And the Catherine M Clark And the Aguilar House59 and 43 years old.

In the coming months, it will be essential to see if he will be able to maintain this new unity within the party and manage differences with the Republicans.

In the past he was on the front line against Donald Trump And in a famous speech to the Senate in 2020 seeking his impeachment, he quoted a phrase once uttered by one of his favorite rappers, the infamous, “And if you don’t know, now you know” (you know). The verse that someone said with joy at home after being elected.

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