United Kingdom | World Championship of Champagne and Sparkling Wine

UK, World Champagne and Sparkling Wine Championships: 4 golds at Cantina Lantieri (Sunday, November 14, 2021)
This year, too, he achieved extraordinary success for cantina Lantery DiCapriolo, who won four gold medals at The champagne & Ampere; brilliant vintage Globalism championship 2021 (Cswwc), the major international competition dedicated to sparkling wine, designed by Tom Stephenson, the world’s most trusted expert in champagne And brilliant vintages. They were the ones who won the gold medal Lantery francacorta brut, Lantery Franciacorta Extra Brut, Lantery Franciacorta Satine, Lantery Franciacorta Brut Arcadia 2017. In addition to the four gold medals, Lantery He also won two silvers with Franciacorta Nature and Satèn Magnum. …Read about money


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UK, World Champagne and Sparkling Wine Championships: 4 golds at Cantina Lantieri

Also this year, Cantina Lantere di Capriolo was exceptionally successful, winning four gold medals at the 2021 World Championships for Champagne and Sparkling Wine (Cswwc), the first…

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