United kingdom. The British can recognize the independence of Northern Cyprus

UK ministers are studying the possibility of formally recognizing Northern Cyprus as an independent country. The news had leaked from the statements made to Sunday Express By some government sources.

“The United Kingdom can provide a historic opportunity to end the ten-year stalemate in Cyprus by recognizing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. After Brexit, it is liberalized,” Turkish Cypriot President Ersin Tatar said to the British tabloid newspaper. Britain, from the European Union, can now play its role as a neutral guarantor of the eastern Mediterranean island, ensuring that the Greek and Turkish Cypriots are treated equally.

Tatar then urged Boris Johnson’s government to “support his plan for a two-state solution”, which he will propose in the talks that will begin in Geneva on April 27th.

The island has been divided since 1964, when ethnic conflict forced Turkish Cypriots to retreat into enclaves for their own safety. Ten years later, the Greek Cypriot coup, aimed at annexing Greece, led to Turkey’s intervention as a guarantor power.

In 1983 the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was officially established. Since then, numerous attempts have been made to try to find a federal solution to the island, all of which have been unsuccessful.

“With developments in the eastern Mediterranean – the Turkish Cypriot president added in his message – the island has become more valuable. Turkey will never give up its opinion or change its mind, on the contrary, it will continue to support the Turkish Cypriots more and more. The only possible one, which has the full support of the Turkish government, is the adoption of the two-state plan. We have separated since 1974, and at this moment there is a peaceful coexistence between the two neighboring countries. The younger generations do not know each other and have different languages, cultures and experiences. The joy we cannot bear to waste any more precious time. Therefore, as a friend of the British people, I ask your community to reconsider what has happened in Cyprus all these years and to recognize it as an independent country. “

His words came after talks that ended with positive results with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and European Minister Wendy Morton.

This would allow not only to initiate cooperation between the two countries, but also to share resources, ease tension between Greece and Turkey, and establish direct flights to Northern Cyprus, allowing the approximately 300,000 Turkish Cypriots living in the UK to search for direct flights to their country. Whereas, flights to southern Cyprus may begin to pass through Turkey, rather than the long-haul journey through eastern Europe.

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