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United Kingdom, Prince Philip’s health is rumored to be deteriorating after Charles’ visit

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Turin – Speculation in the British media after Prince Charles was seen discharging from King Edward VII Hospital in London with bright eyes as his father Prince Philip was accepted. Newspapers published pictures of Charles, taken yesterday afternoon outside the facility, where the husband of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh have been present since Tuesday. Carlo is the first member of the royal family to visit the 99-year-old, who will turn 100 in June. According to the information, the 72-year-old had not seen his father, who had been staying at Windsor Castle, since before Christmas, due to coronavirus restrictions. Charles’ decision to make the 160-kilometer journey from Gloucestershire and his ill attitude prompted British media to question whether Philip’s health could deteriorate. Contrary to speculation, the Daily Mail asks: Charles’ decision to return to Highgrove after visiting his father, and not to stay in London or near the Queen in Windsor, “could it be a positive sign of the health of the Duke of Edinburgh?” Speaking of Prince Charles’ visit to his 99-year-old father, British media also reported that he entered from the back of the facility wearing a mask and remained in hospital for about 30 minutes.


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