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United Kingdom: May Mueller has been criticized for some political tweets in 2020

May Mueller will represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and it is clear that the criticism of her participation could not be missing. In fact, some of the tweets posted by May Mueller criticizing former Prime Minister Boris Johnson have recently resurfaced.

May Mueller’s tweets date back to 2019 and 2020 and relate to the period when the former British Prime Minister was hospitalized due to Covid-19. The singer wrote that she is not at all sorry about Boris Johnson being hospitalized and that the nurses the former prime minister praised in his speeches are the same ones who risked their lives every day because of Boris Johnson’s cuts.

These tweets sparked criticism from some media outlets, such as the conservative newspaper The Telegraph, which described her as a left-wing activist against Boris Johnson, as well as from some politicians. Kinder was for the artist former minister David Jones, who said the singer had a very long career opportunity but one that could have been more human given Boris Johnson was risking his life.

source: Eurovision fun

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