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United Kingdom: Labor leader Starmer criticizes the Scottish National Party for its claim to the independence of Scotland

London, 12 March 09:13 – (Nova Agency) – British Labor Party leader Keir Starmer criticized Scottish National Party Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon for focusing on “the wrong debate” through his relentless pursuit of Scottish independence from London. Starmer said, however, that the UK must “change to survive” in launching Labor’s election campaign ahead of the national elections in Scotland in May. Starmer also advocated “constitutional change”, but reiterated his position for a united United Kingdom, for a “socially just Scotland in the modern United Kingdom”. Starmer recently asked former Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown to head a constitutional committee that would examine the status of Scotland and Wales in the United Kingdom, and the possibility of delegating more power from London to individual national authorities. According to Brown, “paid” federalism would be the answer to “challenges” posed by demands for Scottish independence, and the economic and social uncertainties brought about by Brexit. (Rel)

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