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United Kingdom: Labor and Liberal Democrats accuse Minister Braverman of abuse of power

The UK’s Labor Party and Liberal Democrats have accused Home Secretary Sowella Braverman of abuse of power. According to what was reported by the BBC television station, a government official was caught last summer exceeding the maximum speed allowed while driving. As a result of the traffic offense, Braverman had the option of paying a fine, having points deducted from his license, or participating in a speed awareness course. A government source told the “BBC” that the Minister of Interior, who was worried about her insurance premiums, initially preferred the course and asked one of the consultants to organize a special course so that citizens would not recognize her. When told there was no way to do so, Braverman agreed to pay the fine, while also accepting three points off her license for speeding. Labor’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said reports “suggest that Braverman has attempted to abuse his position to get around the normal rules”. The British politician added: “There is a need for an urgent investigation into what happened.”

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