United Kingdom: Johnson’s recommendation to restart the building, including the Games

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The arcades and all entertainment venues will reopen from Monday 17 May in the UK, with some small precautions, but they will be back to normal.

Last week from A complete lockout For UK gaming and entertainment venues, As expected, And the first recommendations British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Yesterday evening, he announced to the country a new reopening plan that envisages the final stage of easing the block in EnglandFinally, it also includes gaming activities.

In particular, Johnson explained that bars and restaurants will also be able to serve people on their premises from next Monday, while cinemas and “soft” game centers will reopen along with other indoor entertainment. However, noting that social distancing will still be necessary, and a suggestion that windows be left open in the building to facilitate air circulation. Overnight stays are also permitted in hotels, thus the maximum number of people who can be safely accommodated indoors will be raised.

Also in ScotlandIn parallel, cinemas, bingo halls, entertainment centers and entertainment centers will reopen from Monday. Ditto for WellsThere is also pressure to relax other restrictions such as social distancing.

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