United Kingdom: Johnson to abolish English citizenship income

From 6 October, 5.8m UK residents, 40% who work regularly, will lose £20 a week merger

The UK is ready to change the rules for English citizenship income. Boris Johnson It will appear that there are no basic levels of humanity I know will allow The overall credit cut will continue.”attack Nicola Sturgeon From ScotlandWhere the leader expects it 60,000 people, including 20,000 children, could be pushed into poverty. “Losing more than 1,000 pounds a year would be severe For many families who will literally have to get food out of their children’s mouths, it will plunge people into debt and despondency. Conservatives know this.She repeated sturgeon at her party’s annual conference, Lu Scottish National Party.

poverty scenarios

The scenarios identified by British think tanks are worrisome: Joseph Rowntree Foundation He argues that the nationwide cut will amount to more than One in three families has children, I data Del Fikri Legacy Institute reveal it 840,000 people, including 290,000 children, will fall into povertyAnd according to the organization Citizens advice One third of the people who get universal credit will end up with incur debtGovernment models predict rising rates of homelessness and food banks.

government reasons

The UK government claims that a £20 integration into the Universal Credit Scheme was planned “a Temporary measure to assist beneficiaries during the harshest phases of the epidemic, and so it was”. Now the challenge in the UK is economic recovery and Boris Johnson plans to start reabsorbing emergency funds that have been spent in the past year and a half due to Covid.

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