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United kingdom. Heat waves will be more frequent.

In the UK, record temperatures were taken here in London.

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A new study highlights the impact of climate change on the UK and predicts an increase in temperature extremes and heat waves.

According to a study, due to climate change, heat waves in the UK, such as those that occurred in mid-July, are set to become more frequent.

Using computer models, an international team of researchers has compared the recent occurrence of temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius to the world’s climate without a global warming of 1.2 degrees since the late 19th century. The finding suggests that climate change, which is being driven by man-made greenhouse gases, makes such an extreme heat wave at least 10 times more likely.

More than 40 degrees for the first time

This is the finding published by 21 researchers from Germany, Great Britain and the United States, among others, who joined the World Weather Attribution Group.

So-called attribution research studies whether and to what extent extreme weather events can be attributed to global warming. On July 19, over 40 degrees were measured in England for the first time. The temperatures have caused disruptions to public transport and it is estimated that hundreds of people have died from the heat.

worrying result

Frederic Otto, a climate researcher at Imperial College London, said Europe and other parts of the world are experiencing an increasing number of record heat waves, which are getting hotter than most climate models predict.

“It is a troubling fact that the consequences of climate change on extreme temperatures in Europe, which are already so deadly, could be worse than previously thought if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced rapidly,” Otto said.

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According to scientists, maximum temperatures in the UK are also higher than previous models had predicted. This could mean that climate change will lead to more heat waves. With the current climate, temperatures above 40 degrees are still rare in the region. But it would be “almost impossible” without climate change.

In Hyde Park, London, the grass has dried up.


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