United Kingdom: From today, indoor hotels, bars and restaurants have reopened. But the Indian alternative is worrisome

It’s a day of more lightening United kingdom, And which from today – at England To a large extent also in Scotland e Wells – give permission to ribbon e Restaurants To work indoors as well, while reopening after six months Hotels, You are given the green light to meet again with up to 6 people inside the house, as well as to hug family or friends (who are not at risk), and travel ban for every tourism (As far as the green list for the places exempt The quarantine includes so far only Portugal, Israel, Tarek mountain And another 7 among the islands e Remote countries). The openings today are just over a month before the substantially overcoming of the restrictions, which the UK CEO set with reservations on June 21st.

mitigation Those who arrive in a country where there are data on injuries and deaths Coronavirus disease Yesterday, Amnesty International confirmed European lower boundaries (4 deaths and fewer than 2,000 cases in the last 24 hours, in total Administered vaccines It reached more than 56.5 million and 30% of the population got the two doses), but under the emerging alert of a new, more transmissible variant of the virus: the virus imported fromIndia, Been tracked so far Beyond the channel Over 1,300 people. A novelty prompted the Prime Minister’s presentation this morning Boris Johnson To renew the call for caution also in light of the concerns of the experts, who insist on recommending external communications more than internal ones. And this despite the reopening of the day defended by Basem discreet And “carefully balanced” by prof Jeremy Farrar, One of the government’s prominent medical advisors Conservative Party From London.

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“We have reached another milestone in our country road map to get out of A complete lockoutBut we must confront this passage with a renewed dose of strength CautiousHe writes for his part Johnson In a message to the nation issued this morning. Not without affirmation that Variables Dealing with the authorities that deal with them kingdom For now, they aim to speed up vaccines and customized carpet testing campaigns – they remain “closely watched.” and surely Government Willing to reimpose further “immediate actions” to “keep it in trouble” depending on the evolution of the data.

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