United kingdom. From comics to reality in the video. Today anyone can experience the excitement of a human journey. What if Tony Stark was a ship pilot? (By A. Martinengo)

Iron Man, whose real name is Anthony Edward.TonyStark, Is a comic book character created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber (text), drawn by Don Hick and Jack Kirby and published by Marvel Comics. His first appearance occurred in Tales of Suspense.

Today, “Tony” Stark has become a reality.

With a rich family history in aviation, a former oil dealer and Royal Navy Reserve Officer, Richard BrowningFounded the leading company in aviation innovation, Gravity Industries In March 2017, to launch a human journey into a whole new era.

Richard Browning, Fondatore Gravity Industries

This month, Browning tested the ability of his people JetPack To support ship pilots and military boarding operations.

The flights were conducted over a period of three days by Team Gravity and 42 Royal Navy Special Forces A. Bordeaux del Hams Tamar Royal Navy River patrol ship.

The Gravity Jet Flattened It uses more than 1,000 hp of jet engine power in conjunction with the natural human balance to deliver the most intense and convincing display, often compared to a realistic Iron Man.

The Gravity TeamHeadquartered in the United Kingdom, he has conducted more than 100 flight tests and conversation events in 30 countries, including TED interviews. “Our team and I recognize the vision to transform Gravity into a world-class aerospace engineering company,” Verma browning.

A screenshot of a JetSuit approaching the stern of the HMS Tamar

“We challenge the perceived limits of human flight and inspire a generation of people to question What happens then?

What are the prospects for JetSuit? If you have reserves of $ 8,300, you can meet Browning W. Take a test trip for the same . The company says it hopes to sell these flight suits to Marines and ship pilots in the future.

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