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United Kingdom: For the first time a Catholic president at coronation. Tag: Nichols will bless King Charles III

“May God pour out the riches of His grace upon you, prepare you for a blissful eternity, and receive you, at last, into eternal glory.” For the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, the Catholic President, Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, will bless King Charles III with these words just a few minutes after the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, crowns Edward the Confessor on May 6. The modernity is a sign of the excellent ecumenical relations between the Catholic Church and the Church of England even if, even today, the King is not a Catholic, because the State Church was born in a rebellion in Rome. The coronation will be attended by leaders of all faiths, which is also a departure from tradition, which has always wanted the coronation to be exclusively for the Anglican Church. The fortieth monarch since 1066, King Charles III presides over a constitutional monarchy. He has such important powers as signing laws, appointing the British Prime Minister, and leading the state church as “Supreme Ruler,” but the conventions want him to be a great party in terms of politics. The UK will celebrate it on Sunday, May 7, when the streets and neighborhoods will organize an outdoor lunch and a concert will be hosted at Windsor Castle, with the participation of Andrea Bocelli. Then, on Monday, May 8, during Volunteer Day, he will help hundreds of thousands of less fortunate citizens across the country.

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