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United kingdom. For statues associated with slave ships, London supports a policy of “Keep and Explain…” (A. Martinengo)

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Representatives of the City of London voted Thursday October 7, 2021 to keep two statues related to the transatlantic slave trade at their Guildhall headquarters.

Statue of the former Mayor of London, William Pickford, in Guildhall, City of London, Great Britain, September 30, 2021

Council members who run the Square Mile financial district decided to add paintings to statues of former Mayor William Pickford and merchant John Cass to explain how they profited from the slave trade in the 18th century.

British ships moved 3 million enslaved Africans Across the Atlantic, many of the ships secured by Lloyd’s of London, as well as the City of London and the Bank of England had ties to the slave trade.

Slave Ship Division
Douglas Barrow, Director – Project 675

The city and its institutions have examined its historical links to slavery in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year and protests by the Black Lives Matter movement.

“It is important to acknowledge both Cass and Pickford, as well as the city’s apparent role and involvement in the atrocities of the transatlantic slave trade,” I have announced Douglas BarrowWho chaired a report recommending the preservation of the statues.

“The history of the city, unfortunately, is inextricably linked with this frightening activity and will forever be a disgrace to us,” Barrow said at a city council meeting in Old Guildhall.

The recommendation was not just a suggestion to “Post a board and move on” NS “Escape from our history”, Barrow said.

A panel of advisers agreed earlier this year to support a request from the City of London’s anti-racism task force to remove the statues, but then it was decided to set up a working group headed by Barrow to investigate the matter.

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