United Kingdom: BBC Radio 4’s The Archers arrive in Ambridge alongside Rylan for a Eurovision themed special

Eurovision fever has also arrived ambridgeand put The longest running drama radio series of all timeBBC Radio 4 The Archers in a special episode will be broadcast Friday 12th May at 2.00pmThe village will host Eurovision commentator Rylan.

I can’t wait to put my wells on and see what the people of Ambridge have to offer at Eurovision as I go up against the iconic archers. I’ve seen some dramas in my time but nothing quite compares to what is about to unfold in Ambridge.


Shooters are no stranger to celebrities. The program greeted audiences with its depiction of the rural life and family dynamics of 72 years oldand will soon cross its own finish line Episode 20,000. It was originally designed as an educational program For farmers on contemporary agricultural issues, the show evolved into an everyday story for rural people, blending village gossip with explorations of pressing topical issues.

source: BBC

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