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United Kingdom, A surreal dialogue between Sunak and a homeless man: «Are you in business?». “Now I wish to spend Christmas”

“Would you like to throw yourself into the business world?” «Maybe, but first I’d like to pass birthday». It’s not a bit of a barbs exchange between the UK’s prime minister Rishi Sunak He met a homeless man in a soup kitchen. In front of cameras filming the moment, Sunak asked the man if he was in the business world. The other answered, “I am homeless.” But the prime minister did not stop. Sunak went on to talk about his experiences as a businessman London He then asked the man if the financial sector was the field he would like to enter. “I don’t mind, but I don’t know, I’d like to think about spending Christmas first,” the answer. Then he explained how much the man hoped the charity would find him one Temporary housing so that it is not on the street for parties. The exchange between the two parties drew little criticism from citizens and the political class, accusing the prime minister of having no sensitivity and knowledge of the real difficulties of the country he leads. “In looking at this, I am concerned that the prime minister thinks ‘homeless’ actually means someone who cannot currently afford a house in the country,” said the deputy Labor leader. Angela RainerHe described the conversation between Sunak and the man as “an absolutely terrible exchange”. The visit to a hospice in Sunak served the minister to reaffirm the government’s promise 2 billion pounds homeless for the next three years.

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