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United Kingdom: A study indicates that fruits and vegetables contain half the nutrients sold in the 1940s

A study from Coventry University in the United Kingdom analyzed the levels of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

A study conducted by Coventry University researchers, in United kingdom, I checked Nutrients Contained in 28 kinds of fruit And vegetables Sold nationwide in 1949, 1991 and 2019; It found that samples for sale today contain less than half the amount of iron, magnesium, sodium and copper compared to those of eighty years ago.

Fruits and vegetables

Specifically, the analysis found that average levels of sodium decreased by 52% in the period under analysis, while those iron And copper They are down 51% and 49%, respectively. The hypothesis made by the researchers who made up the study group is that this decline is the result of greater dependence on imported products and a shift to a more industrialized agricultural model: this, combined with the fact that many people (teenagers in particular) follow an insufficiently diverse diet , fuels a real risk of malnutrition in the British population.

The argument of scientists is that most of the fruits and vegetables consumed today have been selected over time from among the most. profitable And this more productivity-conscious mindset “has largely ignored the consequences for nutrition quality.” The British government’s call is to monitor the nutritional quality of the fruits and vegetables that end up on people’s tables with greater precision and regularity.

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