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United kingdom. A site to help immigrants from Hong Kong

Supported by around 500 churches, the initiative provides useful information to the nearly 130,000 Hong Kong residents who hold a British Overseas National Passport.

The site was officially launched last Friday in London www.UKHK.orgIt targets Hong Kong residents who are migrating to the UK due to increasing Chinese repression. Location – Required by Founder Home for good Krish Candia, with the help of Bishop of London Mrs. Sarah Mullally – Available in both English and Cantonese and will serve as a one-stop shop for newcomers from Hong Kong with information on everything they need to know to settle in the UK from moving around the UK An education system for applying for a job, from registering with a family doctor to traveling By public transport to where you can find good Cantonese food.

More than 500 churches across the country have already registered to be “Hong Kong Ready” on the site, which was launched after the UK government opened the door to Hong Kong passport holders. British National Overseas (BNO). Around 130,000 Hong Kong residents are expected to arrive in the UK this year on BNO visas in the largest planned migration to the UK since migration from the Caribbean (Windrush).

Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, when the “one country, two systems” principle was enacted. However, in the past year, Beijing tightened its control over the Special Administrative Region by introducing a National Security Act that led to the imprisonment of several democracy activists, including Christian Joshua Wong.

“ Navigating between continents is difficult at best, but it is particularly challenging during a global pandemic, ” said Krish Candia, founder and director of UKHK. That’s why we want to welcome newcomers here today in central London, re-enact the spirit of the 2012 Olympics, and showcase the best of Britain. In normal times, we would also like to organize special events, such as concerts, balls, poetry parties, movie screenings, football matches in the park, picnics and dinner clubs. At the moment we should be satisfied with the video calls on Zoom and the default link. ”

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The website’s launch coincided with the Chinese New Year and the alarm it raised International release, An organization that supports persecuted Christians around the world, whose “completely disappeared” the freedoms that Hong Kong residents once enjoyed. Religious freedom activist Bob Fu said, “Repression is so severe in some areas of Hong Kong that freedom of expression and association is actually worse than it is in mainland China. There is arbitrary arrest, widespread surveillance and a widespread crackdown on lawmakers. Freezing her bank account in a church to help the victims of political persecution. What is happening in Hong Kong sends a chilling message all over the world. The world should note: there is no longer a rule of law, no independence, no press freedom, no freedom of association, no “Freedom of expression in Hong Kong. They all disappeared.”

Daniel Kursky, former Special Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron and Vice Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council, welcomed the launch of UKHK. “The Chinese New Year is an opportunity to focus on the great challenge of welcoming as many as 350,000 Hong Kong residents to the United Kingdom,” he said. Success will require the support of everyone from central and local government to ordinary British citizens. The United Kingdom has a long history of being a welcoming country. UKHK is a great initiative for British citizens to help Hong Kong come here and settle successfully.

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