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United Kingdom: A five-way challenge to succeed Boris Johnson from Suella Braverman – the world

The race for success has been narrowed down to 5 survivors Boris Johnson How Conservative Party leader And the future british prime ministerAfter the second vote held today among the deputies of the majority party and the cancellation of the last access: the attorney general Soila Braverman. Stay in conflict – in order of preference – Rishi SunakAnd the Penny MordauntAnd the Les TrussAnd the Kimi Badenoch And the Tom Tugendhat.

With ex-Chancellor Sunak and former Defense Secretary Mordaunt facing foreign defending champion Truss in the game to arrive next week in the final two-handed ballot: to be entrusted with a member vote by September 5th.

Chairman of the 1922 Commission, the internal electorate of the Conservative group in the House of Commons, Graham BradyHe specified that 356 out of 358 deputies are entitled to vote by secret ballot today.

sonak42 years old, Indian family origins, Britain’s exit from the European Union in the first hourbut also able to speak to centrist sectors of the party, up 100 votes from yesterday’s 88: up to 101 and solid at this point as an almost certain student at a final ballot, as well as as Britain’s first ambitious prime minister from an ethnic minority of non-European ancestry.

behind him Furthermore, Mordaunt has been enhancedThe 49-year-old is a historic supporter of Brexit and a darling of the membership base according to polls that have increased from 67 to 83 votes. And extends two more sounds Gears, more dependent on the establishment at first, which on its part gains something compared to the preferences of yesterday’s fiftieth, but now stops at 64: despite the ultra-liberal platform demonstrated today with great fanfare, the support of part of the inner right and the bass his allies assigned to Benny rampant. But that could restore at least part of the vote he lost today to Braverman (down from 32 to 28 supporters between yesterday and today), an expression of the more radical right wing.

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Finally, among strangers, the amazing Kimi Badenouche is still sticking with the game, a 42-year-old Deputy Minister of Nigerian Parents who is also no stranger to the neo-right Conservative Party, and her 40-49 vote lift could eventually help her. Become a kind of queen maker. In addition to the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tungendhat, a former professional soldier and ex-soldier survived, but at the end of the race was the only person (excluding the disqualified Braverman) to lose votes since yesterday (37-32).

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