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United Kingdom, 49, hospitalized for one year: he is the longest standing long-term “Covid” patient

The patient with the longest stay of so-called “Long Covid” in the UK is Jason Kelk, 49, from Leeds. He has been sick for a year and, according to the English press, this makes him the patient with the longest infection with the Covid-19 virus. Due to illness, you all vomit every day.

The man was hospitalized with a chest infection last April, which turned out to be Covid-19. The primary school computer teacher, who has not left the hospital since, was transferred to the intensive care unit and was connected to a ventilator 48 hours later. But doctors reported that the damage to his stomach due to the virus caused him to develop gastroparesis, which made him suffer regular vomiting attacks. He is also still unable to walk on his own.

Other infected patients were forced to stay in the hospital for several months. According to estimates, “Long Covid”, which includes shortness of breath, brain fog and muscle pain, affects about one in ten people with Covid-19. More severe cases are very rare. Kielk was already suffering from diabetes and asthma, which put him at greater risk of infection. But doctors believed his stomach problems were caused by the virus.


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