Uninstall these 7 apps now, they also contain Joker virus

dangerous Malware Joker back again and Hides in different apps For Android, it is better to delete it immediately. the last time was Spotted in early summer In 8 applications, while in this case it was found in 7 other applications

The Joker is back (again): Delete these Android apps now

The Joker, as the dangerous virus “aka”, first appeared in 2017, and since then it has periodically appeared hiding in some applications of Android devices. this time 7 requests have been charged, which may be able to do a lot of damage, such as stealing information from your smartphone or subscribing to unwanted paid services.

Based on what was reported by the cyber security company Zscaler (quote yes Reason), The The application to be deleted immediately From your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Now QRcode Scan – more than 10,000 installs
  • EmojiOne Keyboard – 50,000+ Installs
  • Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper Battery – 1000+ Installs
  • Dazzling Keyboard – 10+ Installs
  • Volume Booster & Loudness Equalizer – 100+ Installs
  • Super Hero-Effect – 5000+ installs
  • Classic Emoji Keyboard – 5000+ installs

All applications must be removed from Google Play Store, but if you still have it installed, you should delete it immediately. Although the Store controls are not infallible, we still invite you to use only the most reliable sources to download apps on your devices.

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