Unhealthy foods

What foods are harmful to our health? Are there really any foods that should be avoided at lunch and dinner, or at least eaten in moderation? Let’s get to know together which people to stay away from.

We often ask ourselves What foods should be avoided?They are harmful to our health and can promote the emergence of diseases.

So let’s see together a ranking or the best ben list 7 foods to avoidBecause they are harmful to our bodies.

Unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foods

There are many foods that are given to them contraindications , They risk affecting our health very badly. what is it? And why should it be avoided? Let’s find out more together!

1. I Tomatoes preserved in aluminum cansBecause they can contain packaging resins that contain bisphenol A (BPA), which due to the acidity of the tomatoes will end up in the food;

2. I sweetenersThe most common are saccharin and aspartame. It appears to affect mood and behaviour. It also appears to alter brain chemistry. Some sweeteners promote the appearance of tumors.

3. I Popcorn in the microwaveIn fact, in plastic wrappings there are substances including perfluorooctane which according to UCLA animal studies can cause infertility and testicular cancer;

4. The beef From farms where animals are fed Processed bean sprouts and corn;

5 salmonBecause it is contaminated with pollution and treated with pesticides and antibiotics.

6. The Milk produced with artificial hormonesBecause it can cause cancer.

7. Apples are a big cropBecause it can be treated with herbicides and insecticides that appear to cause Parkinson’s disease.

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And you? Did you know that you have to be careful of all of these things? Are there other foods that you should avoid because of the substances they contain?

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