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Vincenzo Spadafora returns to speak after his failed re-election to parliament. The former minister and right-hand man of Luigi Di Maio exclaimed in an interview with Oggi, targeting Giuseppe Conte in particular: “Of course I was disappointed. And I miss being involved in government, power, politics, only when you are there you can really influence things and realize their complexity. With you We were shallow in not understanding that we were handing a 5-star move into the hands of a character who would upset it, and in doing so we would have shown no gratitude to those who made it to 32%. Ministers could have an arrogant and defiant attitude towards those who made it possible, as Giuseppe did.

Spadafora also dwells on Di Maio in the interview, who followed him after the separation from the M5S and the birth of the civic commitment: “I do not deny the choice of coherence of following Luigi, with whom I have lived all my political experience for six years … I owe him a lot but I think he He also owes me a lot and he admits it. Our professional balance and a solid human relationship.” Then a look to the future: “My field of reference has always been the left of centre, and the Democratic Party is the only family in which one can identify oneself, with all the difficulties… If there is space to contribute and do things for young people with the Democratic Party, why not?” Otherwise – says Spadafora – nothing prevents you from preparing something else.

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