‘Unfortunately he died’: Renault’s number one announcement shocked everyone

The announcement has been in the air for some time now, but now comes the confirmation everyone has been waiting for, direct from Renault.

The year 2035 is fast approaching. It’s not just a date, because many enthusiasts and motorists have circled it in the calendar, when cars with diesel or gasoline engines, endothermic, were not recorded. Needless to say, not everyone liked this EU selection. And even in our country there are those who turn up their noses.

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Too early for this environmental breakthrough, fully electric cars are very expensive, these are the main criticisms. However, it must be said, sooner or later, the ecological transition will also reach the four-wheeled world. To be honest, there is not much time yet. Indisputable process now.

Lyrics by Luca De Meo

This is not a situation, but a fact if they analyze words Luca Demeonumber one in Renault And the Acea Builders Association, who spoke about exactly this during an event for Politico magazine: “I don’t think anyone is developing a completely new engine in Europe. All the money will go to electricity or hydrogen technology“.

A gravestone for trying to give the internal combustion engine a future with e-fuel, which Germany has tried to do. Hindsight, in fact, all car manufacturers have now focused all their attention and resources on electric cars to comply with European regulations and stop selling petrol and diesel cars by 2035. Hence, the advent of green engines has come too late. Now it is inevitable, especially if the leading manufacturers think so.

Luca de Meo is Renault’s number one – Mondofuoristrada.it

However, we must add that De Meo himself has never been a fan of this environmental shift, as far as such strict and rigorous timing is concerned. In the past, he had proposed delaying the ban on endothermic materials for at least five years. But even this attempt failed and Renault has also adapted and by 2030 the French company will have its entire range exclusively electric.

end of the internal combustion engine

Given the situation and the investments, there will be no turning back. We can say that with absolute certainty, the internal combustion engine is dead, or at least its hours are numbered. Also because now we have to make up the huge gap with ChinaFor De Meo, this was at least a ten-year delay, especially with regard to batteries.

In any case, the first Renault also returned to another sore point, that of “technological neutrality”, where the choices of the best solutions are not dictated by politics, but are left to the manufacturers. However, de Meo’s synthetic fuels represent an “opportunity” because “as always, we start from a niche” to find innovative technological solutions. However, the path of farewell to endothermic materials should be considered “irreversible” also for the policies launched by the component manufacturers. “All Tier 1 suppliers completely abandon their combustion engine investment“.

Renault electric recharging – Mondofuoristrada.it

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