UNESCO, Liverpool Harbor is no longer a World Heritage Site

During the session of the committee chaired by China, the number of votes in favor was 13 to 5, more than the required two-thirds majority. So the decision was made: to cross the port of Liverpool from the global list. Moreover, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization previously warned the city that the planned urban developments, which also include the new stadium of Everton Football Club, “will lead to it losing its identity”. .

The title was acquired in 2004 The English Maritime City received the title in 2004 in recognition of its historical and architectural impact. UNESCO designated the city as an important trading center during the British Empire and appreciated its architectural features. However, a report published in June by the World Heritage Committee warned that developments in the port would lose their authenticity and cited the Liverpool Waters project and the new stadium, which is under construction at Bramley-Moor Dock. Unwelcome report to the British: about thirty figures from politics, football and academia have written a letter to TimHe complied in June when they urged UNESCO not to deprive the city of its status.

Third site loses address Liverpool thus became the third site to lose its World Heritage status since the list was launched in 1978. The other two are the Maha Al Arab Reserve and the Elbe Valley in Dresden, Germany.

Government: “We are disappointed” – Immediate reaction of the government. A spokeswoman said Britain was “deeply disappointed” with UNESCO’s decision. “We believe that Liverpool still deserves its place in the world heritage given the important role that the historic sidewalks and the city in general have played throughout history.”

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