Underground railroad, escape from farms

ROME, April 16 – The Oscar-winning limited series The Underground Railroad is succeeded by Pulitzer Prize-winning director Barry Jenkins, who went to Colson Whitehead, author of the novel on which the series is based, and finally a piece of little-known American history. Now, Amazon Prime Video has just revealed the evocative, poetry and drama trailer for the series set in the southern United States, Pre-American Civil War, which will begin May 14 exclusively in more than 240 countries. what do you say? The story of the desperate escape from a Georgia farm of young Cora Randall (newcomer Thoso Mbedu) accused of murder and, above all, her frantic search for the infamous and possibly only legendary “Underground Railroad”. Cora will discover that it is nothing but a “fictional railroad,” a secret map with suitable places to cross it to avoid population centers and all places where the potential for capture was high. In short, an informal network of secret flight paths and safe places has been used since the nineteenth century by African American slaves in the USA to escape to the so-called “free countries” and to Canada with the help of abolitionist advocates, in solidarity with their cause. In this escape, however, Cora has her own enemy, Ridgway (Joel Edgerton), a bounty hunter who is determined to return her to the ranch she escaped from. A guy has a personal reason to hate her: The girl’s mother, Mabel, is the only one who hasn’t succeeded in capturing him. (handle).

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