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London, UK) Today’s news is a masterpiece of victory Rafa Nadal, stronger not only than his Wimbledon quarter-final opponent, Fritz, but also stronger than the injury he sustained during the match. But the Mallorca champion is spoken not only of the infinite amount of successes collected in his career and of his extraordinary talent, but also of A series of gestures and behaviors, often mistakenly identified as superstitiousWhich he repeats with great concern in every meeting. Let’s find them all.

Nadal, the ritual before the joke

The most famous is the long waitno less than 25 seconds, before every service: brushes the string with his foot, moves the floor, to make it more visible, then strikes the sole three times with the racket frame, arranges the shorts and boxers on the buttocks, pulls the shirt towards the left shoulder, then to the right, touches his nose, fixes the hair behind his left ear, touches his nose and repeats the procedure Next on the other ear, he uses the cuff to wipe the sweat from his forehead and cheek, and finally looks straight to the opponent from before. beating.

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Nadal, training with sunglasses at Wimbledon

Nadal and the obsession with towels

As a joke, it can be said that every woman wants to get the same attention from her husband as towels from Nadal. Spanish tennis player Strictly follow precise procedure In this regard, both for those present on the bench and for those on the sidelines near the center assigned to the ball boys. All neatly folded. The episode that occurred during the challenge that Zverev won at Roland Garros became famous due to the injury the German had treated: he found a lot of floss on his towel, and Nadal quickly removed it with his teeth, then folded it and put it on his body. special place.

Nadal has tics from water bottles

Last but not least, he is the famous water bottle sign: After testing the appropriate temperature, Nadal takes care of placing the pets according to a precise pattern, as on each occasion, down to the millimeter, so that they are all perfectly balanced. For those who asked him for explanations on this matter, the same Majorcan returned the superstition to the sender, and identified these behaviors as a simple way of “head arrangement“.

Wimbledon, coaching Djokovic, Nadal and Raducano

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Wimbledon, coaching Djokovic, Nadal and Raducano

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