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The level of tension is very high in Tokyo (Japan) and there is concern about a possible spread of positive cases in the Olympic bubble.. The positive cases in the past few days linked to the cases of the three athletes in the Olympic Village are raising doubts and confusion.

From this point of view, the news comes to that Every member of the Australian track team has been placed in quarantine Since it was a Covid test by a staff member, it was unclear. The whole team was confined to their rooms from yesterday noon until late evening.

Ian Chesterman, in a reference from the Australian delegation, revealed that the employee in question had tested negative twice after the unclear response on Thursday 15 July.

However Quarantine will remain until the negative state of the community is fully confirmed. We want to be careful about what’s happening without downplaying any aspect, but it’s quite clear that even from this episode, there is a great deal of fear in the context of the pandemic that we will have to live through during the review of the entire Five Chambers. It will start on July 23 and end on August 8.

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