Umbrian “donates” a maximum bonus of €3,000 per employee

The end of the year marked “bonuses” for employees, in various companies also in Umbria. Such is the case of Rocchi Srl of Passaio di Bettona (Perugia) which, on a note, let us know that in December, together with the thirteenth, the thirty employees found themselves in their salary packages a ‘bonus’ of the company of €3 thousand each. “A decision, the company notes, was taken by sole director Maurizio Rocchi after the government ordered an increase in the thresholds for donations that could be disbursed to employees. Thus, the grand prize arrived.

company and results

“Despite several critical economic situations – says Maurizio Rocchi – the company managed to achieve good commercial results and some financial profits that I think it was right to share with the employees. Our journey is an adventurous and exciting journey that many of them began 35 years ago.” Rocchi Srl is a leading Italian manufacturer of automatic batching plants with significant prospects in international markets (France, Belgium, Poland and North Africa). The company, which has recently acquired an industrial site in Val Nestore, is headquartered in the Passage of Bettona, covers an area of ​​8,000 square meters and has structural and electronic design offices, technical and commercial management as well as metalworking workshops and a goods warehouse. Complex products leave these plants. Each plant consists of about one and a half million parts which, once arranged for shipment, can occupy the bodies of more than 40 trucks before reaching their destination.

denotation “pink”

Rochi’s history is family history. «At first my mother also cooperated in organizational activities – adds Maurizio Rocchi. Today my son Lorenzo is organized inside the factory and trained while my “youngsters”, Michele and Francesco, follow our initiatives with interest. However, I must especially thank my wife Marinella for the entrepreneurial goals she achieved, without which nothing would have been possible: in all these years she knew how to be a mother, wife and businesswoman. Rocchi Srl has a basic ‘pink’ concept that I’m really proud of ».

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