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Ukraine, “Squint” of Great Britain on refugees and refugees

Someone said that democracy is like pizza dough: if you stretch it too much, to make it look bigger, you can see the holes. Well, if this happened to the oldest country in the history of liberties, which was honored with glories and glories, then the surprise becomes astonishment. Therefore, the United Kingdom of the Magna Carta and such extraordinary thinkers as Locke, Hobbes and Hume, today rediscover a revised and corrected version of the Relays. Boris Johnsonthe warlike prime minister, who looks like an ominous caricature Donald Trump, the “forced transport” (or roughly) of immigrants was invented. Those who risk their lives by encountering the stormy waters of the English Channel, to enter England, will be properly transported by Her Majesty’s Government: to Rwanda. Yes, you got it right, in subtropical Africa. Asylum seekers (who, when it is their turn, are considered “illegal immigrants” by the British) will be transferred to their new destination. Among other things, for many commentators, Boris Johnson’s joke is a real joke: he goes for a walk in Kyiv to defend democracy against Russian dictatorship and atrocities. But then he deported refugees to Rwanda, a country that recently witnessed a genocide on its conscience, which killed nearly a million people. Political schizophrenia? No, simply more begging mockers than those who use three weights and three measures, according to their instant fit.
The cowardice of the Conservative government caused an outcry in the United Kingdom. All the opposition, some members of the majority, and more than 160 social and non-profit associations demanded the withdrawal of the “relocation project”. The civil servants’ union PCS defined the plan as “a ruthless approach, showing utter contempt for human life, which all must oppose”. In the face of resistance from officials, Priti PatelThe Minister of the Interior had to sign an executive order bearing “personal responsibility”. According to the BBC, government sources have determined that “discouraging illegal entry would provide significant savings”.
Of course, the British have resorted to the hard way when they have seen themselves thrown into the trenches for the past three years. “Unwanted” landings across the canal have increased by 400% to nearly 30,000 in the last year. Almost nothing, compared to the numbers we recorded, for example, in the last 10 years in Italy. However, when our country was under pressure and trying to arrange a welcome policy (with inevitable dysfunctions, but also with a lot of goodwill) in London, we buried dozens of “radical arrogant” commentators in a torrent of criticism. Who now appears to be an enemy, counterproductive, with interests. Although the Minister of Justice and Immigration, Tom BorsglofHe had the audacity to say that “Rwanda is a progressive country that wants shelter and has made great strides over the past three decades.” He added that the “new scheme” (ie the deportation scheme) would save British taxpayers a lot of money in the long run. However, the minister in question had better bite his tongue, because his attempt to celebrate the “glories of democratic Rwanda” was quickly crushed by the BBC. The prestigious British television network says that “in the past year, the UK government has raised concerns at the United Nations about allegations of extrajudicial executions, deaths in custody, enforced disappearances and torture in Rwanda. As well as restrictions on civil and political rights.” But that does not matter to Boris Johnson said: “Our mercy may be infinite—but our ability to help people is not. We cannot require the British taxpayer to write a blank check to cover the costs of anyone who wants to come and live here. In short, the heart is important, but the wallet is worth much more than that. Doubt: Is this also the case in Kyiv?

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