Ukraine “Russian forces captured two former US soldiers”

Russian forces captured two former US soldiers, volunteers in the Ukrainian army, during the Battle of East Kharkiv last week. The British newspaper, The Telegraph, wrote today, citing her comrades. The two have been identified as Alexander Drake, 39, and Andy Hoenn, 27. If confirmed, it would be the first Russian capture of US soldiers in Ukraine, in what could become a diplomatic issue with demands for major concessions. release them.

According to the testimony of an anonymous companion of the Americans, Drueke and Huynh were arrested last Thursday after their ten-man unit found themselves surrounded by Russian forces. The unit had headed to a city that was supposed to be free but was actually under Russian attack. The two Americans disappeared during the fight against a hundred Russians and are believed to have been captured.

‘We cannot confirm’ news of the capture of two Americans fighting in Ukraine. “Hypothetically, if that’s true, we’ll do everything we can to bring them home safely,” US National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said in a White House briefing. “We repeat that we discourage Americans from going to Ukraine and fighting. There are other ways to help Ukrainians in a peaceful way,” Kirby said.

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