Ukraine: Russian combat posts at the Zaporizhia-Moundo plant

Russian forces erected sandbag fighting positions on the roofs of several of the six buildings that house the reactors of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.: The British Ministry of Defense wrote in its daily intelligence update, publishing a satellite image of the station taken last month. Russia has controlled the plant since March 2022, but this is the first indication that the reactor buildings have been incorporated into tactical defense planning, according to the report posted on Twitter. “It is possible that Russia built these sites because it is increasingly concerned about the prospects of a major Ukrainian attack,” the London experts commented, emphasizing that the move may increase the chances of damaging the factory’s security systems in the event of a fight over it. to the same center. However, the ministry concluded, “Direct catastrophic damage to the reactors is unlikely in most plausible scenarios involving the use of infantry weapons, where the structures are significantly reinforced.”

Even according to the ukrainian media, the Russian forces Digging trenches and fortifying occupied lands in Ukraine In anticipation of the expected counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. RBC-Ukraine confirms this Perhaps the most fortified area is located in the Zaporozhye region And to the “gate” of Crimea. Satellite images analyzed by Ukrainian media indicate that the Russian army began digging trenches after the occupation of Kherson. According to the publication, the Russian defensive positions are mostly concentrated near the front line in the southeastern region of Zaporizhia, as well as on a narrow strip. From the land that connects the Crimea and the mainland of Ukraine. Experts note that trenches were dug south of Vasilievka and across the entire Zaporizhzhya region on a 120-kilometer stretch of land. “The anti-tank ditches are deep and wide enough to prevent the advance of tanks and armored personnel carriers. Then there are the concrete ‘dragon’s teeth’ that act as pyramid-shaped barriers. The trenches are about a kilometer behind the trenches,” writes Rbc-Ukraine. In addition, the Russians set up barricades, zigzag trenches, minefields, barbed wire, and camouflaged positions for vehicles. According to some experts, the Russians built two clear lines of defense near the front-line town of Bolgiye in the Zaporizhia region. The cities of Tokmak and Belmak were also fortified, trenches were dug along the roads and at the airports of Melitopol and Berdyansk.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, in Italy for the Rome Conference, met the Pope in the Vatican. During the hearing, Dennis Schmihal He invited Francis to go to Ukraine. The Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See, Andrey Jurash, reported this to the ANSA news agency. “Yes, the Holy Father has been invited again,” the diplomat replied. “This invitation has already been voiced many times and will certainly be repeated again.”

Meanwhile, NATO receives the balance sheet on the means that have been provided so far to Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during a meeting with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel that the allies had delivered 1,550 armored vehicles and 230 tanks to Kiev.

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