Ukraine in the cold and dark: Surgeons use torches

The situation is also similar in Mechnikova Hospital in the Central District of Dnepropetrovsk Where according to the manager Sergey Ryzenko “Dozens of patients found themselves in critical condition while on operating tables” just as the lights went out with “anesthesiologists and surgeons flashing their headlights to save them”. “Lack of light will not stop us,” Ukraine’s health ministry said on Facebook.

Zelensky: “Millions of people are in the cold” – “With temperatures below zero, millions of people live without heat, electricity and water. This is a clear crime against humanity,” Volodymyr Zelensky said at the UN Security Council meeting.

In Kyiv, electricity was restored early Thursday afternoon to large parts of Ukraine, including the capital, but it was decided to impose emergency restrictions to ensure electricity works where it is most needed, from hospitals.

Kyiv residents will have electricity for 2-3 hours a day – He said that the people of Kiev would thus receive electricity “for 2-3 hours a day so that the amount of electricity that reaches the capital increases.” Dmytro SaharokDirector of energy company Dtek, reportedly Ukraineska Pravda. After the system has stabilized, Dtek plans to move to already planned outage schedules.

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