Ukraine expert: “Putin’s goal is to encircle us. The Arctic will be the next front”

“When studying the Ukrainian crisis, we must not make a fatal error in evaluating, that is, considering it a fact in itself. It is not. The invasion is only a moment in the strategy towards Europe that Russia has been pursuing for some time Andrea Mancioli is the president of Europa Atlantica, a think-tank for studies International and also responsible for the institutional relations of the Medor Foundation, he has no doubts.“Putin’s goal is us Europeans, not just Ukrainians.” Hot?” There are many. One of the least talked about regions is the Arctic. “Why has the Arctic become so important? It’s an icy stretch.” But with climate change it becomes more and more navigable, and at the bottom of those seas there are important reserves of hydrocarbons. Gas and Oil. “Who does the Arctic belong to?” It is a disputed area, and there is no particular attribution. Hence the importance. “The Arctic’s trajectory changes logistics, communications and intrinsically geopolitics in a significant way. Its navigability puts the West in competition with China and Russia, which for some time have been pursuing a strategy of occupying its neighboring ports. “The main aspects of the dispute over the Arctic?” There are two. Navigational capacity Hence the new roads and the exploitation of hydrocarbons. The Arctic could become a huge logistic platform capable of disrupting the global economy. It is clear that whoever succeeds in making an important strategic choice will have an advantage in defending its privileges. Europe must be very careful if it does not want to stay Some of its representatives are abroad. I think of the Mediterranean ports, which will undoubtedly be punished by turning the roads north.” Sweden and Finland have asked to join NATO. Is it the result of Russian aggression in the Arctic?” Not only in the Arctic. The whole Ukrainian issue has shown how dangerous it is …

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