Ukraine, bombing of Zaporizhia on Independence Day. Explosions also in Mirgorod and Dnipro

Russian attacks against Zaporizhia. Around 4am (3am in Italy) Aug 24 – The day Ukraine celebrates independence from the Soviet Union – army He flies Hit the city’s infrastructure. The news is given by the temporary mayor, Anatoly Kortevaccording to independent Kyiv. At the moment, there are no reports of injuries or casualties. Previously, an employee of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and his driver They were killed by a Russian mortar outside the factory. In this case, the news is given by the head of the Ukrainian Atomic Agency Energoatom, Petro Coutinin an interview with Washington Post. Vladislav dead, This is the name of the victim who was killed while in a taxi and entering the Central District. Meanwhile, today a delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) is scheduled to visit the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, which could help ease tensions: the Turkish president’s spokesman said so. Recep Tayyip ErdoganAnd the Ibrahim Kalinin an interview with CNN. “Nobody, including Russia, wants a nuclear disaster“, he added.

Missiles on the Dnipro and Mirgorod

The Ukrainian telegram channels also reported the explosions of a Mirgorod, in Poltava Oblast. Others spoke of missiles warned at night over southern Ukraine that hit an area Dnipro and those Nikopol And the Kryvyi Rihin the area Dnipropetrovsk. The news was reported by Valentin Reznichenko, head of the Dnipro Regional Military Administration, citing the newspaper Ukranska Pravda. Tonight was a continuous air raid. We were hit by Grad and Uragan MLS missiles. The Russian army targeted the provinces of Dnipro, Nikopol and Kryvyi Rih.

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