Ukraine, Bokia to La7: “We delegated peace negotiations to China in order to psychologically submit to the excessive power of the United States in NATO.”

Ukraine? I guess P.D and all European left You have a duty to do Europe is the center of negotiations And the peace negotiations that Instead we delegated to China because of Our psychological submission towards the United States. It is clear. The issue here is not sending new weapons to Ukraine, but not negotiating peace. and that is Submission is not to NATO, but to the excessive power of the United States within NATOThus, during D.I The wind that blows (La7), senator Francesco Bocchia Responses to the presenter Myrta Merlinwho asks him if he is the new Democratic Secretary, Eli ShlainHe will follow the Atlantic or pacifist line.

Reporter Corriere della SeraAnd Maria Teresa Milley, He sarcastically criticizes Bocchia’s statements: “You think how Sinaldi“.
“No, it’s something I’ve always thought about,” answers the parliamentarian, “and it’s nothing new. But is it majesty that I say this? I would like NATO to be led by Europe. Do we ask too much? In other words, I would like us Europeans to decide what happens in Europe. Am I asking too much? “.

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