Ukraine and Russia: “The United States and NATO tell Kiev where to attack”

The United States and NATO indicate to Ukraine which targets to hit. An accusation made by Russia through a State Department memo stating that “Washington and its NATO allies are constantly continuing to implement their geopolitical plans to destroy Russia,” supplying weapons to Ukraine, training its armed forces, and “assisting Kiev in identifying bombing targets.”

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“Ukrainian officials have repeatedly acknowledged that all of their actions are done with the consent and support of the United States and other NATO countries,” the statement reads, with one of the Ukrainian special forces allegedly infiltrating with NATO weapons. A legitimate question about classifying those countries as partners in such crimes and sponsors of terrorism.

Moscow confirmed, “We have reached appropriate conclusions from what happened. The Russian investigative bodies have opened an investigation. This crime will not go unpunished.”

Russian sources said that the attack killed two people and wounded an eleven-year-old boy. The FSB and the Ministry of Defense carried out “measures to destroy armed Ukrainian nationalists who violated the border.”

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