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UK: Who will take on the Sam Ryder play?

A few weeks after Eurovision started in Turin, Lee Smithhurstthe creator BBCreleases clues about how the British delegation intends to use the theatre.


According to him, the idea of ​​organizing the event would be from Sam himself who, as a huge fan of the event, was keen to be involved in every aspect of the event. His experience in English theatres, accompanied by metal bands, is sure to also give him some interesting ideas. Apparently, the necessary materials It could have been shipped already By ship and then continue by truck to Turin where It should arrive by the end of the week

However, making Sam’s idea real on stage, it only works Marvin Dittmanauthor of the play Victory Conchita Wurst In the 2014together with Dan Shiptona creative producer for the BRIT Awards.

TheIn short, it appears that there are all the right ingredients for a successful performance. What do you think that? Should we expect something great, or as it has happened several times recently, this will be another disappointment for the UK? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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