UK, vegan effects: Tesco doubles sales of vegan products

In a vegan month, Tesco set a sales record for its range of vegan products.

In the kingdom united The plant-dependent is very powerful, and it is now well known: it is precisely in the lands across the canal, after all, the challenge of vegetarian Last month he tried to bring the world closer to the benefits of a plant-based diet. The effects have also been evident in major retailers: Tescosupermarket chain, said that in January of this year, the vegetarian line Wicked Kitchen recorded a doubling of sales compared to the same period in 2021.

vegetarian food

For those unfamiliar with it, the food product line in question includes a series of options and takeaways with vegan ingredients aimed directly at carnivorous consumers with more guilt (which let’s face it, they’re also a fairly basic audience). But let’s give some numbers: According to Tesco, sales of vegan milk have grown by more than 100%, vegan and vegetable noodle soups account for 140% growth, while ready meals and desserts are by no means satisfying a respectable +40%.

“Over the past year, we’ve focused on making the best quality plant-based alternatives affordable by lowering prices,” he says. Derek SarnoCo-founder of the line and head of vegan food innovation at Tesco, he explains last month’s success by attributing in part to the convenience of the products. “Almost every category in Tesco supermarkets now has vegetarian options, making it easier, as never before, for those who want to consume less meat throughout the week.”

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