UK: Tomatoes and other vegetables are missing. Legalization is valid at Tesco points of sale

London, United Kingdom) – Above all, there is a shortage of tomatoes in the UK. But also peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables. The panorama that presents itself in some important chains such as Tesco and Waitrose is actually quite bleak in the fruit and vegetable department. reasons for out of stock, As we wrote in the last few daysthey are different: Display problems happened because bad weather And from drought; high economic inflation; high energy costs And finally Britain’s exit from the European Union. The path taken by the United Kingdom has in fact led to greater dependence on non-European countries, particularly Morocco and other North African countries.

The result is that in Tesco store in London, as can be seen from the exclusive photos, there is a shortage of tomatoes and other vegetables. Rationing also began in the brand’s stores, with a clearly visible sign inviting customers to buy a maximum of three pieces.

In the supermarket Waitrose In the English capital, we come across a similar scenario, again concerning different tomato varieties, with several overturned boxes. Unlike Tesco, No limit is imposed of purchase for each customer.

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