UK: Tom Hanks says the Queen’s favorite cocktail is a martini

Tom Hanks said that Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite cocktail is undoubtedly a martini.

Tom Hanks He has no doubts: his favorite cocktail from Queen Elizabeth II and the Martini. Now, it is clear that doubt may arise spontaneously: how can an actor – moreover an American – know the tastes of His Majesty so well? Well, you should know that in the distant 2011, Hanks had the opportunity to dine with the Queen with Barack Obama, then-President of the United States, and his wife, Michelle.

Queen Elizabeth

Hanks himself has very good memories of the experience, and recently, while on a BBC talk show, he unbuttoned a bit by saying a few snippets: “I sat right next to the Queen,” says the actor. “Chatting with the Queen is something you have to prepare for. I knew I would be sitting next to her, so I wanted to be able to talk about important things without sounding arrogant.” For heaven’s sake, talking about philosophy and astrophysics at dinner isn’t the best thing about life – so Hanks thought it was vague, and asked His Majesty how much free time he actually had and other such questions. At one time, a maid approached and left a glass of clear liquid next to the Queen: intrigued Hanks asked her what her favorite drink was, and she did not hesitate to reply, “Oh, it’s a martini!”. Who knows the occasion Platinum Jubilee While participants celebrate free beer, won’t the royal doctors allow the Queen to enjoy a cocktail again?

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