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UK to reform the Traffic Light System to pay travel

while in Italy There is still debate about the institution arcade For some additional European destinations, in Great Britain think about Elimination of the “traffic light system” In favor of rules-based vaccination statusWith the aim of promoting travel for tourism purposes.

according to telegraph, we are supposed to get to system A two levels You have a list yellow and green combined to create one category and rosa which will continue to distinguish between “at-risk” destinations that forty Back to the hotels.

As I mentioned TTG media, this difference will cause fully vaccinated travelers to visit countries “Yellow or green” with the same regulations, only require pre-departure testing and PCR testing within two days of returning to the UK. The proposed system is likely to affect only those who have not been vaccinated. The decision will also come as a result of the position taken by some representatives Air carriers The United Kingdom, which recently called on the government to review or remove the traffic light system altogether.

The proposed new rules should in fact be based on the fact that one is. vaccinated or notInstead of the country you want to travel to, eliminating the psychological impact that travel companies to “yellow” countries classify as potentially risky.

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