UK, Tesco launches the first supermarket without checkout

After Amazon Fresh comes Tesco: the supermarket chain has launched the first store without cashiers in the UK.

Enter the rule supermarketTake the products off the shelves, leave them unpaid. Everyone’s dream: or rather, not without payment, but without queuing at the cash registers. Because there are no payments: It’s a supermarket model of the future, and it’s popping up with Amazon Fresh and now the brand too Tesco, pioneer in United kingdomLaunched the first fully automated store. The free point of sale at the checkout is located in High Holborn, central London, and is called GetGo: the feature is specifically not the presence of an ATM, without human operators; but really Absence of speakers.

How it works? with a series of cameras NS sensors which measures movements and weights, records the products each customer picks up in real time and finally charges the cost in real time at checkout time, through the appropriate application. For the launch of this type of supermarket, it opens daily from 7 to 23, Tesco It uses Trigo technology. The British series indicates that no face recognitionBut cameras are able to track the movements of each customer and ensure that this data is not stored.

GetGo Tesco supermarkets without checking out

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