UK, taxes will go up now. Chase: tough decisions

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt said there are tough choices ahead on tax and spending as he tries to calm financial markets after the chaotic weeks since Prime Minister Liz Truss came to power.
“We have some very difficult decisions ahead of us,” Hunt said in an interview with Sky News on Saturday. What the people want, what the markets want, and what the country needs now is stability. No minister can control the markets. But what I can do is show that we can pay our taxes and our spending plans.”

You need stability

“I want to do the right thing for the British people,” Hunt also added, motivating the decision to work with Liz Truss’ government, as he succeeds Kwasi Kwarting, who had to leave because of a tax gambit he announced in Parliament, a gambit that led to a sharp cut in taxes and led to its announcement. To the collapse of the pound and the markets. A role — and one he’s been assigned — that Hunt considers a “huge honor” even if, as he repeats, “we have some very difficult decisions ahead of us. The last few weeks have been very difficult, but the context is clearly a result of emerging from the pandemic and the cost of living crisis.” What people want now is stability.”

Jeremy Hunt has denied rumors of a plot by Conservative MPs to remove Liz Truss, answering a Sky News question “if they would bring her down”. Hunt explained that he did not vote for Truss in the party leadership race but wanted to support her now “because I agree with his basic plans for this country, which include giving us back growth so we can do what we want to do.” Successfully operate »like public services.

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“There were two mistakes.”

“There were two mistakes,” Hunt said in interviews this morning, harkening back to what his predecessor, Kwasi Quarting, had done with finances. Hunt pointed out two mistakes in lowering the income tax primarily, from 45% to 40%, and in announcing these plans without prior approval from the Office of Fiscal Responsibility.

The new finance minister will meet Prime Minister Liz Truss tomorrow. This was announced by Hunt himself, specifying that today he will meet with Treasury officials before meeting with the Prime Minister tomorrow.

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