UK supermarkets: Empty shelves for Brexit and Covid

Empty shelves in UK supermarkets have been reported: Brexit and Covid are to blame. And now we fear Christmas.

The milkshakes that ended up in British McDonald’s restaurants were just the tip of the iceberg: all in all United kingdom A report has been made Empty shelves in the supermarket Because Brexit and Covid-19. And there are those who fear that even Christmas is in danger.

London, Manchester, Cambridge, Birmingham – all these cities witness one supply crisis Hit the supermarkets and fast food in hard places.

The truth is that Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic mean that thousands of truck drivers From all over Europe necessary to transport goods he could no longer return to England for work. And if the trucks don’t arrive, UK supermarket shelves remain empty.


If McDonald’s announces that they no longer have milkshakes and bottled soft drinks for sale, that’s it Nando’s forced to close 50 out of 450 outlets are due to a shortage of chicken.

Steve Morells, CEO of Co-operative (the UK retail group), explained that this was the worst shortage he had ever seen. And Richard Walker, manager of the Iceland supermarket chain, told Al guardian that danger “Cancel Christmas Again”. That’s why Walker is asking the government Changing the rules for Britain’s exit from the European Union, to also allow the hiring of truck drivers from abroad.

The problem, however, is that there is not only a shortage of truck drivers: there is also a shortage of workers in meat production and processing plants and Workers To collect fruits and vegetables.

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