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UK, Starmer: ‘Labour is ready to lead the country’

According to the BBC, Starmer’s speech was sincere

Labor is ready to take responsibility for the UK’s leadership. This was stated by the leader of the British opposition, Care StrummerHe gave his first personal speech since being elected to lead the Labor Party at the party convention. As reported by the BBC radio and television presenter, Starmer was an honest speech, recalling key moments of his training and career, also passing on his family and his working-class ancestry of which they are “proud”. He drives a party that sparks work.” Starmer mentioned all the problems the UK has had in recent months, starting with the fuel crisis. The Labor leader, attacking the government, asked: “Why are we suddenly seeing a shortage of truck drivers? Why is there no plan in place? Then, referring to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Labor leader said he “must calm down or leave this mess to us.”

In the second part of his speech, Starmer mentioned the problems of the National Health Service (NHS) arguing that the Covid-19 pandemic had done nothing but expose “decades of health cuts and neglect”. The opposition leader then supported the government’s idea of ​​more funding for the health system but criticized the tax plan that would inevitably fall on workers. In his 90-minute speech, Starmer also launched Labor as a potential new leader for the country, exposing the party’s ideas on the issues most relevant to British politics. Priority will be given to the NHS, with a particular focus on prevention rather than emergency care; Starmer also announced the party’s commitment to provide more psychological support to citizens, which will be available, he said, in less than a month, with an additional 8,500 professionals. He promised the party’s tireless commitment to tackling climate change, making sure homes would be “warm, well-insulated, and at sustainable energy costs, while creating more jobs.” Despite some protests and cheers during his speech, Starmer concluded by praising British values, acknowledging that this was a “great moment that requires leadership”.

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