UK: Social supermarket opens with deeply discounted food to help cover high cost of living

The opening of a social supermarket selling food at deeply discounted prices is helping UK residents cope with the rising cost of living.

The increase in prices for energy, fuel and most food (and non-food) products in general has led to the opening of supermarket social On Marwood Road, in Leicester, kingdom united. In fact, this special point of sale aims to help families in difficulty by selling surplus food donated by producers and retailers at deep discounts.


The profits generated will then be invested in its community center, which offers support programs to allow its members to return to work or receive an education. Currently, more than 1,000 citizens have already registered to join the Community Shop, which opened its doors on Wednesday, April 6. “Even if everything is heavily discounted, our members feel like they’re shopping at the retailer,” he explained. Gary Stot CEO of the Community Shop and manager of eight other supermarkets in England helping people buy a decent meal despite rising costs. “They feel like they got a bargain, and so they are more likely to be able to go back to traditional retail shopping because, by shopping here, they have been able to avoid the worst effects of higher prices.”

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