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UK running out of fuel until the CR7 Bentley ran out

Cristiano Ronaldo is also dealing with the UK’s fuel crisis. To fill up a luxury Bentley Portuguese tank, his driver had to wait nearly seven hours outside a Wilmslow service station, not far from the CR7’s home. In fact, the Bentley Flying Spur, worth about 250 thousand euros, in which Ronaldo is often photographed at the entrance to the Manchester United sports center, did not go unnoticed by other motorists in the queue. Less fortunate was the refueling that Ronaldo ordered for another car of his wealthy group, Range Rover: after having to wait more than six hours in the queue, one of Ronaldo’s personal security had to stop, because in the meantime the distributor was left dry. Meanwhile, faced with the danger of the British spending Christmas on foot, Boris Johnson called up the cavalry. As of tomorrow, two hundred soldiers will be deployed to refuel service stations. Visas have been extended through March for 300 foreign truck drivers.

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