UK: Residents raised 400,000 pounds to reopen historic pub

In the UK, residents of a small town in the Lake District raised £400,000 to reopen a historic local pub.

Let’s move on to United kingdomMore precisely, let’s head towards the Lake District and stop in the small town of Bampton: here, here Its residents raised 400,000 pounds to Historic pub reopens Local Mardel Inn.

In fact, the group is still open: the Bampton Valley Community Pub group created an investment program to allow people to buy stock In view of the reopening of the place. In the first week alone, the initiative managed to raise 180 thousand pounds.

According to proponents of this project, the pub is ‘Undeniable allure For both locals and tourists who visit nearby Ullswater and Haweswater lakes.

The Mardal Innalso known as St Patrick’s Well and Pampton Geary, has been open for more than 150 years before closing its doors in 2018. But residents have never accepted this closure and here they are revitalized to be able to buy the pub and reopen.

However, some money is needed: some are needed Renovationscar park and waiter will be required.

pounds or pounds for weight

Currently, 525 people are reported to have bought shares in the venue, but there are many more on the waiting list. The Investors Group It is made up of locals and people from all over the world who have heard of this initiative or who are connected to the village anyway.

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According to Rich Schiff, secretary of the pub buyback group, he explained that the village was conveniently located along the road to the lakes, which is why the pub is ideal as a Meeting point and refreshments For both residents and tourists.

But why was the pub closed? Shave revealed that the place was actually doing well in economic terms. However, the owners decided that their business objectives were elsewhere.

Peter Noblea local farmer whose grandparents ran the tavern between 1952 and 1977, stated that the place in question was “Community Hub”. Plus, the city has already lost elementary school and is struggling to keep the local store open, so it would be a shame if you also lost the pub permanently.

We wish the residents good luck for the success of their venture, and remind them that there is already another successful precedent in the UK: the local community has, in fact, been able to buy and reopen the most inaccessible pub in the world. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Old Forge of Knoydart Peninsula, Scotland.

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