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UK recipe to make roads safer for motorcyclists – News

National Highways, with the help of motorcyclist groups and associations, has developed a series of measures to improve road safety

February 1, 2022

WLA longitudinal study conducted by National Highways with the support of the Motorcycle Working Group identified the most important measures to increase road safety for motorcyclists. It has been highlighted Various measures to make the strategic road network safer for motorcyclists, Thanks to the diligence of the Motorcycle Working Group, which was established by the then Highways of England in 2015.

the Drivers Design Manual (Design guide for motorcyclists) It was released last spring and is a file A document designed for those who plan and take care of road maintenance. The idea is also to make the motorcyclists’ voices heard and remind engineers of the special and special needs of motorcyclists.

Very practical advice They range from removing old road signs before putting on the new one to providing non-slip covers at points where a motorcyclist might lose their grip. Vertical Obstacles (Columns, trees, etc…) They must be designed and implemented also thinking about centaurs. For extra security, for example, place them inside the curves rather than on the outside. Then there is one A set of tips for designing intersecting and rounded curves.

the National highways have shown over time that they have listened to and implemented recommendations which are put into practice and form part of procedural updates in the design phase.

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